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Current Labels

Lineup of the current Holtzinger Fruit Labels

  • Holtzinger Fruit Royal Purple
  • Holtzinger Fruit Regal Red
  • Holtzinger Fruit Blue Knight
  • Holtzinger Fruit Red Knight
  • Holtzinger Fruit Blue River
  • Holtzinger Fruit Adolfo's Organics

Adolfo's Organics 2013

Developed in 2013, this very special label was hand-drawn by our in-house artist and sales manager, Vickie Edwards. Truly a work of art, if you look closely you will see her signature on the lower left-hand side under the leaf.

Adolfo's Organics 2013 Adolfo's Organics 2013

1930-1940 "Z" Series

Holtzinger Fruit Company was orginially located in Zillah, Washington. Thus, their original apple crate labels were what we refer to today as the "Z" series. The series contained 3 labels: Blue Z, Red Z, Yellow Z; each indicating a different grade of fruit.

Blue Z - 1930-1940 Blue Z - 1930-1940
Red Z - 1930-1940 Red Z - 1930-1940
Yellow Z - 1930-1940 Yellow Z - 1930-1940

1935-1937 Purple Cow

The Purple Cow crate label was the result of CM attending the International Apple Convention at the Palmer House in Chicago in 1935. A popular drink served at the convention was the Purple Cow. CM liked the drink and name so designed a label after it. Most of the apple brokers in New York were Jewish, and fairly orthodox. It is said at the time, a lactating cow was offensive and CM was forced to quit using this label or lose his broker network.

Purple Cow - 1935-1937 Purple Cow - 1935-1937
Purple Cow - 1935-1937 Purple Cow - 1935-1937

1929 Doc Yak

Hailed as one of the best-designed fruit labels ever. At the time this label was developed, there was a popular newspaper cartoon series featuring Doc Yak and the cartoon creators and distributors charged copyright infringement. Holtzinger was forced to withdraw his new label.

Doc Yak - Slightly before 1929 Doc Yak - Slightly before 1929

Late 1920's

Beginning in the late 1800s to the early 1960s, delicate pieces of fruit were individually wrapped and then packed and shipped in wooden boxes with brightly colored, attractively designed labels affixed to the end of the crates. Crate labels were the foremost devise for drawing attention in the wholesale and retail marketplace. C.M. Holtzinger was bothered by the fact the beige squares did not show off fruit to its best advantage. He switched the color of tissue to a deep purple. This was the impetus for a new design of apple crate labels, Royal Purple, Regal Red and Emerald Green. These lables are famous world wide and still used by Holtzinger Fruit Company.

Royal Purple - 1929 Royal Purple - 1929
Regal Red - 1929 Regal Red - 1929
Emerald Green - 1929 Emerald Green - 1929

Early 1920's

In 1922 Holtzinger Fruit Company built their own packing house. With this addition came the need for an 'apple label'. "Blue Z", "Black Diamond" and the "Z with a yellow background" are the first crate label designs used by Holtzinger Fruit Company.

Blue Z - 1922 Blue Z - 1922
Black Diamond - Early 1920's Black Diamond - Early 1920's
Big Z with Yellow Background - Early 1920's Big Z with Yellow Background - Early 1920's