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General contact inquiries can be sent to or call 509-457-5115.

Management Team

  • Dave Henze

    Dave Henze

  • Steve Black

    Steve Black
    Director of Sales

  • Jose Grimaldi

    Jose Grimaldi

  • Jorge Sanchez

    Jorge Sanchez
    Plant Manager

  • Anna Montelongo

    Anna Montelongo
    Human Resources


The sales team can be contacted at

  • Mary Neal

    Mary Neal
    Sales Associate

  • Clara Cuevas

    Clara Cuevas
    Sales Associate

Field Staff

The field staff can be contacted at

  • Carol Monholland

    Carol Monholland
    Field Services

  • Freddy Sanchez Jr.

    Freddy Sanchez
    Field Services Representative


  • Matthew Goertzen

    Matthew Goertzen
    Production Coordinator

  • Rick Bailey

    Rick Bailey
    Plant Controller/Food Safety Director

  • Nina Nieto

    Nina Nieto
    Quality Control


  • Julie Loomis

    Julie Loomis
    Grower Accounting

  • Miguel Chavarria

    Miguel Chavarria
    Grower Accounting

  • Kathy Grimm

    Kathy Grimm
    Accounts Payable

  • Jolene Eakman

    Jolene Eakman

  • Patsy Valentine-Wilcox

    Patsy Valentine-Wilcox
    Grower Accounting

Information Technology

  • Matthew Ball

    Matthew Ball
    Information Technology


  • Jim Comstock

    Jim Comstock
    Receiving Supervisor

  • Carrier Sign up

    If your interested in transporting Holtzinger Fruit. Please send us an e-mail with all your pertinent information.