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Hotzinger reemphasizes its packer only position and announces new leadership to align with industry dynamics ensuring continued success for the independent and family owned grower partners.


Company is purchased and divests its own fruit orchards, positioning Holtzinger Fruit Company as one of the most financially, stable packers in the fresh tree fruit industry.

At Holtzinger Fruit Company, we strongly believe that to maintain our success, we need to honor our heritage... and embrace a new vision for the future. In the days ahead, expect Holtzinger Fruit Company to provide even better products and services. But no matter what the innovation, our commitment to our family of growers and customers will remain unchanged.


The cold storage plant on Fruit Row built in 1922-24 burns down.


Company buys the Prosser Fruit Service, sale retroactive to August 1, 1978.


Company expands to Okanogan with the Johnny Appleseed Ranch—a partnership with Evans and Ann Piggot Wyckoff of Seattle.


Packing moved to North 6th Avenue, additions made in 1962, and the office built in 1978.


CM dies and his only son Charlie returns from US Air Force service to take over.

Holtzinger Fruit, Since 1908

Early 1930s

CM Holtzinger buys his first orchard lands in Washington — these were on Naches Heights, expands into the Englewood District, Wiley Heights, and elsewhere. Also the Cowiche plant comes on line.


With his brother Harry, CM builds new cold storage plant and the well-known Holtzinger Building on Fruit Row. The company begins to pack and ship under their own labels (see label timeline).


The warehouse burns down

Holtzinger Fruit, Since 1908


CM builds the company’s first warehouse in Yakima


CM rents the company’s first warehouse in Yakima, WA - really just a shed behind the Yakima Grocery.


CM drops connection with Stacy and initializes an office for his CM Holtzinger Fruit Company. He buys apples mostly out of Zillah, Wa., driving them to the railroad in Toppenish, WA by wagon.

Holtzinger Fruit, Since 1908


Working for E.P Stacy & Sons of Minneapolis as a fruit broker. CM Holtzinger travels throughout the country, visiting Washington in 1908/09. He works for E.P. Stacey buying apples in the fall and sets up his own fruit brokerage business to buy grapefruit, oranges, and vegetables in California & Florida in the winter.